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7 Jan 2019 - amendments

Family trees - 450 new records added, the majority of whom are the descendants of Roger Hann of the Dalwood Hann, the first batch of his descendants who left Puddletown for Newfoundland - produced with the assistance of Newfoundlander sixth cousin Carole Hefferton (nee Hann) and the corrected descendants of Thomas Sansom and Ann Warren who after their marriage in Whitchurch Canonicorum did not pop over the Devon border to Uplyme but moved to Hampshire where the Sansom surname morphed into Samson and 'stuck' on their return to the Marshwood Vale. Also further minor amendments and additions to individual records including information from the 1939 National Register and from Probate records and a photograph from 1908 Ventnor, Isle of Wight provided by Tony Hann in Australia.  Links all updated to relevant 'https' addresses


amendments to existing page


Contents - Link amended to actually take you to the Stoke Abbott miscellaneous page rather than the old Tithe page which has now been deleted

Dalwood - Additional entries from surrounding parishes now included

Hann Brewery, of Honiton, Devon - Extra content added

Links - New links for Beaminster Museum

Jan 2018 - amendments

Family trees - 830 new records added (now over 10,000 individuals), the majority of whom are the descendants of Roger Hann of the Dalwood Hann ancestor of the Hardy Hanns including Thomas Hardy OM and the first few generations of the possible Newfoundland descendants of his great-uncle John Hann (Puddletown and Cape Freels). Also numerous minor amendments and additions to individual records including information from the 1939 National Register and from Probate records and a number of photographs kindly provided by Barbara Harvey, Colin Sams and Sylvia Pitcher


amendments to existing page


Stoke Abbott miscellaneous - Now includes information from deleted Stoke Abbott 1839 tithe page

deleted pages

Stoke Abbott tithe - Contents merged into revised Stoke Abbott miscellaneous page

new pages

Family businesses- Main page for new section regarding family groups connected with businesses or places

Curtis & Hanne Ltd, fishmongers of south London - Details of the Hann families who changed their name to Hanne and their businesses

Hann Brewery, of Honiton, Devon - Details of the brewery and public houses that formed the Hann & Co Ltd business estate

Petersfield - Information about the Hanns who went to Petersfield, Hampshire

Prout Bridge, Beaminster - Details of the family who lived at Prout Bridge and the businesses they ran from there


9 Mar 2016 - amendments

Family trees - Software upgraded to enable better access for mobile devices. Initial work done on the Newbery descendants of Mary Hann (1658-bef1743) and William Newbery (ca1650-1743).  Additional information from 1939 National Registration records and newspaper items added to many people also additional Will details for some.  Link to 'guidance' page in main site and old/new county conversion page added.


amendments to existing pages


Distribution - Changes to wording to reflect new Hardy Hann information (see below9

Jack Hann's War Diary - Minor alterations

Links - Updated to include changed URLs for some sites and broken links to others

Origins - Link now goes to revised familial chart now in pdf-format


Breaking News!

The next update will probably include the "Hardy Hanns".  For some time it has been known that Thomas Hardy's mother, Jemima Hand, can trace her roots back from Melbury Osmond through her Affpuddle-born father George to grandfather William Hann who married Betty Simons on 9 Jun 1773 in Puddletown.  That William Hann was the William Hann christened at Affpuddle on 5 Jan 1751/52, son of Roger and Sarah, is confirmed in Celia Barclays collection of the memoirs of Nathaniel Sparks published as "Nathaniel Sparks: memoirs of Thomas Hardy's cousin, the engraver".  Nathaniel Sparks was the son of Jemima's sister Maria's son Nathaniel Sparks and was also carer of Kate Hardy (Jemima's daughter) in her later life and it was on her memories that he put together a family history and tree..  He was also a renowned engraver in his own right. 

It almost certain that Roger and Sarah are the Roger Han and Sarah Michel married at Wareham on 6 Jan 1750/51 - there being a paucity of Hanns in this area of Dorset.  Wareham's parish boundary at its nearest point is  also only 3 miles (6 km) from that of Affpuddle . This was where Jemima's ancestry hit a brickwall in that the only other known family in the area was that of a James Hann who was having children in the early 1700s in Puddletown then Athelhampton.  He may have been the son of Rev James Hann, Rector of Athelhampton and Burleston (between Puddletown and Affpuddle).  However no Roger appears in the parish records for any of these three parishes.  Roger itself is predominately a name of the Marnhull branch of the family. but again there was no 'spare' Roger that would fit. 

Recently the administration bond for Mary Hand who died in Stoke Abbott in 1750, and was in fact Mary Hann, has come to light.  This was granted to her two sons, both recorded with the surname 'Hand alias Hann'.  One is William the miller of Stoke Abbott, the other Roger the miller of Wareham.  It therefore looks as if the Roger who was granted the bond, married Sarah Michel and fathered William Hann all within a year of each other are the same Roger and that the "Hardy Hanns" 'belong' to Dalwood, Roger having disappeared from Stoke Abbott records following the 7 Jan 1738/39 christening of Roger illegitimate son of Roger Hand and Jane Case

14 Jul 2015- amendments


Family trees - More minor amendments, updates and additional information for existing personal records; yet more work done on the Warry descendants of Elizabeth Hann and their links; more lines followed up; more photos added courtesy of Sylvia Bear in Australia and Lilian Williams in Wimborne, Dorset


amendments to existing pages


USA Hanns - More USA Hanns added from censuses, though UK origins uncertain

18 Feb 2015- amendments

Family trees - Various minor amendments and updates done to existing personal records; more work done on the Warry descendants of Elizabeth Hann and the Dunhams and their links, descended from Matilda Jane Hann (1815-1872); more photos added courtesy of Sylvia Bear in Australia

14 Jan 2015- amendments

Family Trees - Various additions and amendments as more information has come online and linking of new photographs and information to existing records courtesy of Brigitte Miller in NSW and Mike Hanns in St Albans Further research done on the descendants of the Kerslake half-brothers of Joseph Hann (1805-1878), and the Mormon Mumford and Holt descendants of his cousins Harriet Hann (1786-1850) and Isabella Hann (1794-1870) and extra information added concerning the Wakely-Pearce connection provided by Angie Bishop of Newmarket

amendments to existing pages

Jack Hann's War Diary - Minor alterations

Links - Corrected links to FreeBMD, FreeCen and FreeReg pages to reflect re-organisation within Ancestry

new pages

Stoke Abbott 1841 - Further page added to try and identify Stoke Abbott village properties and their occupants in 1841


17 Apr 2014 - amendments 

 Family Trees - As well as minor adjustments and additions following availability of more records, expanded details of Stake Abbott Staple(s) family that as well as marrying with the Hann family has many relatives in common, added details of the metal-working Warry family of Merriott in Somerset (descendants of Elizabeth Hann of the Bridport sub-branch), more work on the Hann's Wakely relatives and many of the Hansford relatives of Mary Jane Hansford (who married mariner/dairyman/licensed victualler William Frampton Hann of Bridport and Hartlepool) and her Wakely and other relatives.  New functionality has been added by the software provider to replace the previous pop-up pedigrees with a more expansive feature (may need 'enabling of blocked content' to display)

amendments to existing pages

Background - Corrected link to Names in 1911 Census

Distribution - Added more information to the Sherborne section as well as correcting link (as above)

Jack Hann's War Diary - Corrected some of the German place names mentioned

Links - Fixed some links and added others

Stoke Abbott Miscellaneous - added links to two sites containing photographs of the village

USA Hann - Updated detail following access to later census details

17 Apr 2013 - minor amendments

Family Trees - Minor adjustments and additions to information; more to follow shortly                                                                                  

amendments to existing page                                                                                                                                                                              Distribution - Information added to Sherborne branch information

25 Mar 2013 - amendments

Disentangling two contemporary Wakely families living in the same village where husband and wife shared the same name and the husband's father's name was the same has provided the opportunity to explore the links between the Wakely's and their associated families (from Mosterton down to the coast and across to the Dorset border and beyond) with the Hann's and theirs. The Morgan's who originate around Axminster in Devon also have a number of links with the Dalwood Hann's so these too have been further developed.

amendments to existing pages

Family trees - Many members of the Wakely and Morgan families added, re-organisation of places completed, additional information added to a number of individuals and further information included on the Hann's who lived at Prout Bridge in Beaminster 

Stoke Abbott page - transcriptions of listings of some people connected with the village in 1798, 1831 and 1921; some details of those included in the war memorial; and a transcription of a report of the trial of James Seal for the murder of Sarah Ann Guppy in April 1858 that is mentioned on the Dorset OPC page for Stoke Abbott

06 Sep 2012 - amendments

Family trees - 660 people added (including many of the Hanger, Moores and Woolmington families), updates to many previous records from new electoral and probate data.

The Hangers from Weymouth, the Moores of the baking/milling dynasty of Whitchurch Canonicorum parish and the Woolmington's of Stoford in Barwick, Somerset all share either Hann ancestors or spouses or are related to Stoke Abbott families with whom the Hann's have family links.  The Woolmington's are also related to the Bridport Hann sub-branch

Family trees - Major work started on on-going standardisation of records for large urban areas.  Identification of addresses to enable these to also be recorded under current administrative 'county' then parish rather than postal address or possible area name - part of Greater London, Greater Manchester, Plymouth, Torbay, West Midlands and Abertawe (Swansea) to be completed.  Also updates and amendments to existing records and general tidying up including corrections of results of known 'finger trouble'. 

Family trees - new release of software includes search facility for this section.  Supports wildcards '?' for single character and '*' for multiple characters

amendments to existing pages

Contents - links to site search and guidance page for family trees section added

Links page - links to Bridport and Honiton Museums added

News - addition of link to enable advice by email when site updated

Stoke Abbott page - link to Stoke Abbott Online Parish Clerk page added

USA_Hanns - details of those with English roots updated following availability of 1940 census records

24 Feb 2012 - amendments

Family trees - 143 people added and updates to many previous records

amendments to existing pages

Links page - link to Beaminster Museum added

Stoke Abbott page - Hann parish officials detail added

15 Oct 2011 - amendments

USA Hanns page - further updated to include information from 1930 census

14 Oct 2011 - amendments

Added links unintentionally omitted initially from 'contents' page

10 Oct 2011 - amendments

USA Hanns page - updated and linked from 'contents' page

 1 Oct 2011 - new website launched




amendments to existing pages from old website

Background - updated, now includes link to quick guide to Hanns in 1911 census and renamed 'over-view'

Distribution - extended information and now includes link to quick guide to Hanns in 1911 census

Hanns & Dorset - page giving info on migration of various Dorset Hann branches now included under 'distribution' and covers more branches (not only Dorset)

Index - more links to old and new pages added and renamed 'contents'

More Dalwood Hanns - page merged into 'my branch'

My Ancestors - additional images and now incorporates 'more Dalwood Hanns' page and renamed 'my branch'



Extracts from war diary of Arthur John Hann now linked in 'contents' and given new section

More information added to page on my Catchlove connection

Beaminster war memorials link now included in 'contents'


new pages

'Contact' - now separate page with contact details

'Distribution' - Arundell-Hanne and Helston, Maker and Sancreed branches of the Cornish Hann's and also of the Sherborne branch

'Links' - links to Online Parish Clerk projects, Record Offices and 'Friends' concerned with archives for Cornwall, Devon, Dorset and Somerset

'Names' - showing branches in which particular forenames predominate

'Origins' - giving more information on possible origins and links between Hann branches

'Rownhams' - page giving basic information on Rownhams and a virtual tour (intend later to include Stoke Abbott and Beaminster)

'Stoke Abbott tithe' - showing land held by Hanns circa 1841



Whole new section giving details of the Dalwood branch and the Thorncombe and Wootton Fitzpaine sub-branches including trees and individual narrative, plus some photos and information on various places

Quick guide to the Hanns shown in the 1911 census

Revised pages concerning Arthur John Hann's war diary including details of food parcels and images of four editions of the PoW newspaper




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