H A Hann, Plumbers of Petersfield, Hampshire

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Six families with Dalwood Hann connections lived in Petersfield over the years, George Warry, descendant of Elizabeth Hann of the Bridport sub-branch and his wife Anne Selina (nee Staple of Stoke Abbott), Frederick John Kennell who was related to the Hanns through the Wakely family of Dorset, Edward Privett and his wife Ann Margaret (nee Swatridge) whose aunt was Ann Hann (nee Swatridge of Beaminster), Henry Valentine Hann and his family, his third cousin Harry Augustus Hann and Lily Gwendoline Catchlove (later Corke) of the family from Blendworth from whence two Hann brothers' wives came.  Both Harry Augustus and Lily Gwendoline had connections with Petersfield Primitive Methodist Church

Harry Augustus's grandson has written a book telling of this family's life in Petersfield in his book 'Two Hampshire Families - Hann/Hiscock" published by Authorhouse ISBN: 9781468579246 or online in e-book format

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