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 I have been researching the Hann family since 1988 - concentrating mainly on my West Dorset branch but picking up information from around the world as I try to distinguish my relatives from those of other branches.  As a result, I have built up a quite extensive knowledge of the broader Hann family and now have details of over 33,000 members of the family throughout the UK, Australia and Newfoundland etc though pre C20th ones are mainly in the counties of Dorset and Somerset.   I am currently trying to link the Hanns of the 19th century and before in Dorset and Somerset with modern-day 'UK' Hanns throughout the world.

If anybody can help me with this, or if you are a Hann and are interested in tracing your own ancestors, I'd like to hear from you


George Frederick Hann (1876-1956), James Henry Hann (1878-1967), Alfred Edgar Hann (1882-1963) and Charles Arthur (1886-1957)

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT:  Background research into the HANN family was initiated by the late George Ernest Hann of Warsash, Hants.  He spent many years, from his retirement until his death in his mid 80s in 1987, contacting the Hanns of southern England to produce a selection of family trees based on the information he was able to gather

My knowledge of other branches of the family was based primarily on this work and that undertaken by the late David Thomas Hann of St Albans, Herts (Compton branch) who carried on George's work, the late Jenny Ivy Hann of Hingham, Norfolk (Blackmore Vale - Henstridge branch), Maurice Hann of Poole (Blackmore Vale - Stourton Caundle) and Dennis J Hann of Ely, Cambridgeshire (Montacute branch) to which has been added my own many years of research and information from public records and websites - and that of many interested correspondents throughout the world



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