Distribution - Sancreed and Madron (Sankres ha Madern)

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There were early Hannes in Cornwall, as a Richard Han was leased land at St Columb Major in 1581 by the Arundell family of Lanherne.  This Richard could have been the father of William Hann who married Alice Combe in Stokeclimsland in 1561.  The Arundell Hannes certainly had a connection with this area as land at Stokeclimsland being sold by Frances Arundell Hanne in 1795 and James Arundell Hanne farmed in the adjoining parish of Linkinhorne. A William was mentioned in the will of John Arundell of Lanherne in 1589 and may have been the one who had lands confiscated by the Crown in 1593.  This William may have had to 'start again' and moved to Sancreed/Madron

The Hanns first appear in the far west of Cornwall with the marriage of William Hanne and Jane at Madron in 1591.  Where this William originated is unknown, but he could have been the dispossessed one mentioned above.  Shortly after the marriage in Madron there are a number of christenings within Sancreed (the adjoining parish).  There then follow a number of Hann and Hanne events until the 1730s when the name changes to Hand.  The Hands continue in the parish, involved in the tin mining industry until John Hand, who had married Elizabeth Tresize in Madron in 1800 dies in the workhouse in 1848 thereby ending the male Hann line in these villages

The possibility that these Hanns are connected with the (Arundell) Hannes is strengthened when in 1596 a William Hanne is appointed reeve of the Arundell-owned manor of Truro Vean,  This coincides with the last Sancreed christening around this time, the Sancreed line being continued in the 1630s by William's son, another William




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