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In Maker there was only the will of Joan Hanne alias Pears of Millbrook in Maker in 1626, the marriage of William Hann (her son/grandson?) and Agnes Mitchell in 1638, the christening of their son, William, the following year and in 1648, a William Hanne also of Millbrook who left his estate to his widow, Ann - Agnes quite often being the Latin version of Ann. 

The parish itself is on a promontory at the mouth of the River Tamar opposite Plymouth and it is difficult to know quite where this family fit in.

Nothing then happened here until 1824 when Mary Arundell Hann of Cardinham married John Lobb of St Neot and returned to St Neot and 1831 when Edward Hann of Plymouth married here before returning home 

There was a Hanns/Hance family members just across the river in Plymouth (Thomasine Hanns alias Prince married in 1594 and Madelaine Hance in 1607), but the Hann name doesn't seem to have arrived until the 1700s as do the mysterious 'Hanns' family that appeared in Buckland Monachorum in the 1750s and later moved up-river to Milton Abbot, Marystow and Lifton.  These though are fairly close to Stokeclimsland, Linkinhorne and Lezant on the Cornish side of the river, so Hanns may be a corruption of either the (Arundell) Hanne family who had connections with these places - their head, George Hanns, could be the son of Charles Hanne who held much land in south east Cornwall in the early 1700s - or be connected with the Hance folk in Plymouth who may be an entirely separate entity from the Hann and Hanns families





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