Distribution - Helston (Hellys)

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This family may of may not be connected with the Hann family. 

In 1621 Thomas Hannce married Elizabeth Passmore in Helston.and over the next fourteen years they had a number of children christened as Hannce, Hanse, or Hannse.  At the same time as the last child is christened, a John Hance is buried - he may well have been Thomas's father. The children do not appear to marry in Helston and there is not another occurrence of the name until 1667 when probate is granted on the estate of a David Hance of Helston.  In 1691 probate is granted on Henry Hance's estate and in 1694 a Pedrick/Petherick Hance starts having children christened in the town. 

There then appears to be a flurry of activity, not all of which can be connected with known inhabitants of the town, until 1730 when Henry Hance appears to be the last member of the family buried.  By this time the family appear to have scattered as they appear near Newquay and in Falmouth.  They the seem to disappear from the records apart from isolated incidences when Joseph Hance has a child in Madron in 1768, Richard Hance has a child in St Keverne in 1789 and another appearance in Falmouth 1828 when Mary Hance marries

It is not know whether there is a connection, but their appearance and disappearance could suggest that they held lands elsewhere in Cornwall.  Joseph's connection with Madron and their connection with Falmouth, where the (Arundell) Hannes were also represented, sometimes recorded as Hane, opens up the possibility





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