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The Arundell and Hanne connection first appears in 1574 when a William Hanne is a witness in a legal dispute between Sir John Arundell of the Manor of Lanherne in Mawgan-in-Pydar (St Mawgan) and Francis Trydgean. 

In 1581 a Richard Han - possibly William's son - was leasing land from the Arundells at St Columb Major (about five miles from St Mawgan), where he died in 1624

In 1589 this William, or his son?, was mentioned in Sir John's will as 'my servant' and was given an annuity of 4 per year (estimated as around 10,000 nowadays)

These Hannes were Roman Catholic as were the Arundells (at the time one of the most influential and wealthy Catholic families in the country).  Presumably for this reason land was taken from him by the Crown in 1593

In 1596 a William Hanne was appointed reeve of the Arundell-owned manor of Truro Vean and the following year they appointed a William Hanne (yeoman) to accept the transfer of land leased by the Arundells in St Ervan Churchtown, about five miles from St Mawgan

In 1609 the will of a William Hanne mentions children William, Mary and Audrey.  This William is buried as William Hannd at Sancreed and is the only William Hann that I can find any burial details of around this time.  Was William Hanne the servant to the Arundells the William Hann of Sancreed?

In 1628 John Hann took over the lease by the Arundells on Trevedras in St Mawgan from his mother, Anne, who inherited it from her husband, William Hann (gentleman)

By 1640 John was dead as another John, son of John Hann of St Mawgan, took a lease on Trurovean in Truro St Clement.

These two Johns could have had Somerset connections as a John Hanne was a Somerset taxpayer from 1558 to 1582.  These could have been the elder John of St Mawgan and an uncle.  A John Hann marrying Anne Langdon in Yeovil, Somerset, in 1612 - way before the Hanns appear in nearby Montacute

The 1641 Protestation Returns for Cornwall contained two untraced Hannes,  Richard and Sampson

By 1658 John Hanne (of Trurovean?) had improved his position within the Arundell estates sufficiently to now be living in Wimborne Minster in Dorset and to be deemed worthy of marrying Mary Arundell in Poole.  Mary being the daughter of Thomas Arundell of Corfe Mullen, Dorset from a junior branch of the Lanherne family and is probably the John Hann who was present in 1672 for the transfer of the lease of land at Callybarrett in Cardinham, on Bodmin Moor

In 1664 a John Hanne (gentleman) is shown in the Hearth Tax list for Cardinham

By 1675 John of Trevedras is dead as his land is transferred to John Hann (gentleman) of Cardinham who by now had had a number of children.

In 1691 John was expanding his 'empire' by taking over the lease of three quarters of Treswithick in Cardinham.

By 1694 his daughter, Elizabeth, was about to marry William Couch and by way of a pre-nuptial agreement lands and tithes in Golant and St Balzey (in south Cornwall) passed to the Hann(e)s

In 1703 and 1704 a P Hanne is mentioned in Arundell records and in 1705 John's son, William, married Grace Kempe of an affluent family of Falmouth traders.  Another of John's sons, John, had by this time married Dorothy Tattershall of the Exbourne, Devon family, as he is mentioned as John Hann junior, gentleman of Cardinham, in the will of her father.

John senior died in Cardinham in 1709 and John junior is mentioned in the 1715 English Catholic non-jurors list as holding lands 4.15s 0d worth of land in Cornwall and 18.0s 0d worth in Wargrave, Berkshire that he had acquired through his wife's inheritance.  By 1719 he was also said to hold land in Sampford Courtney, Devon (adjoining Exbourne)

Between 1716 and 1731 a Charles Hanne, probably son of John Hanne and Mary Arundell, was an attorney at law at New Inn in London and seems to have been involved with numerous lands in south east Cornwall (in Liskeard, St Cleer, St Neot, Stokeclimsland and Saltash St Stephen) and around St Mawgan (Borlase Varth in St Columb Major, St Wenn, St Mawgan, St Issey and St Ervan Churchtown).  In 1717 he was witness with Ralph Kemp to the registration of Anne, Dowager Lady Carrington, under the Papists' Act and in 1721 he was selling the Manor of Middlezoy in Somerset.  There had also been a Charles Hanne who witnessed the lease of a small parcel of land in St Tudy in 1703

By 1721 Elizabeth's brother appears to have died as Peter Tattershall's wife, another Elizabeth, and John are appointed trustees of Court Farm in Exbourne

In 1728 Charles Hanne is pleading to the Six Clerks Office of the Court of Chancery for judgement that Bridget Hanne (nee Tyldesley) the widow of Francis Hanne, jeweller, for the return of money that Charles is said to have lent to his brother.  In 1731 he also dies

By 1737 John appears to have moved to Deviock in Cardinham, as this is his abode in the will that mentions his wife, Dorothy, and children, William, John, Charles, Thomas, Mary and Ann, also a huge settlement of 600 that is due from the marriage of John Hanne with Frances Arundell of Brinsome [later Brinsham] in Netherbury, Dorset.  She was the daughter of a junior branch of the family who by this time had relocated from Lanherne to Chideock in Dorset

John is buried in Cardinham in 1740.  By this time William had married another Bridget Tyldesley, of Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk, Charles had joined the Society of Jesus at Watten in Belgium and Thomas had left the English Jesuit College at St Omer and joined the English College in Rome which he left in 1741 to spend the rest of his life in St Mawgan where he was referred to as a 'Pretender to Physik' by the Dean of Pydar

By 1759 Charles had returned from Belgium and, having been Brother Superior for the Worcestershire district, transferred to Durham district 

John the younger, who took over Deviock had a number of children and, having assumed the Arundell Hanne surname on his marriage, in 1752 inherited Brinsome on the death of his father-in-law.  In 1767 he was recorded in the Exeter Return of Papists as John Hanne still living in Cardinham, but in 1768 in a deed concerning Tattershall lands in Bow, Devon is strangely referred to a John Arundell Hanne of Benfield (Benville) Park in Corscombe, Dorset.  John did not acquire this until 1776 on the death of Frances's uncle, John Arundell, although the Tattershalls were the trustees, so John and Frances may have been allowed to live there prior to John Arundell's death - or it may refer to John and Frances's son, though in 1768 he was believed to have still been a minor

In 1766 John Arundell Hanne's son, Charles Arundell Hanne, had married  in St Tudy and settled there

In 1777 John Arundell Hanne died in Cardinham and his son, another John Arundell Hanne, married Frances Saunders in Corsombe and took over the Arundell estates at Benville .  This was followed in 1778 by the marriage of son Robert with Sarah Saunders in Morchard Bishop, Devon and in 1779 by Frances's death and the marriage of another son, Henry of Deviock, with Jane Saunders in Chideock.  Henry then took over the old Arundell lands in Netherbury parish.  Being a good Catholic though he was returned to their stronghold in Chideock for burial in 1791

In 1780 Thomas Hanne of St Mawgan died

In 1788 James Arundell Hanne went to Tintinhull in Somerset (adjoining Montacute) to marry Mary Winter of a junior branch of the Winter family of near Taunton in Somerset, returning to Cardinham to look after the family's land there.  Their son, James Arundell Hanne married Susannah Lobb in St Neot, Cornwall and stayed on Bodmin Moor, both there and at Warleggan before emigrating to South Australia, where he died in 1866.  James's daughter, Elizabeth Jane Arundell Hanne marrying her cousin (by James's sister, Catherine Arundell Hanne), James Hanne Cawrse and generating a whole new South Australian 'Cawrse' dynasty.  James's sisters, Mary Arundell Hanne marrying John Lobb and Frances Arundell Hanne marrying Charles Winter  (Mary Winter's cousin) of Sherborne, Dorset who inherited the Winter estates around Taunton and Tintinhull

At some time around 1795 John Arundell Hanne died at Benville, as the following year his widow, Frances (who had moved to Yeovil) and daughter, Frances Arundell Hanne (who had moved back to Bodmin in Cornwall) sold land in Clawton, Devon for 2,300

In 1799 Charles Hanne, the Jesuit, died in Haggerston Castle in Northumberland

In 1801 Robert Hanne was buried at Chideock

The Arundell Hanne line therefore continued through John Arundell Hanne and Frances Saunders's children, John Arundell Hanne, Henry Arundell Hanne, Thomas Arundell Hanne, Frances Arundell Hanne and possibly Mary Arundell Hanne who married smallholder Elias Laver of Long Sutton, Somerset.

Henry did not marry and farmed Benville lands until his death in 1861, Thomas joining him in 1866.  Frances having possibly had an illegitimate child, James, back in Cornwall in 1805 then married John Phillips at Lanherne R C Chapel in 1823, Mary marrying am Elias Laver in Long Sutton, Somerset in 1814

John Arundell Hanne (the heir to the Benville estate) married Ann Pope in 1801 in Toller Porcorum, Dorset and had eleven children at Benville, before dying in 1840.  Of the eleven, seven were boys, John Arundell Hanne (b1807), George Arundell Hanne (1810), Henry Arundell Hanne ( 1812), Thomas Arundell Hanne (1815), James Arundell Hanne (1819), William Arundell Hanne (1821) and Frederick Hanne (1823) who died in infancy

Little is known of John or George as they died in 1838 and 1845.  Henry married Charity Bishop in 1843 and having farmed Benville died in Yeovil in 1865, his body being returned to Corscombe for burial.  Thomas initially helped Henry on the estate but then married and moved to Buckland Newton in Dorset where he owned land and died in 1872.  James seems to have had 'wanderlust' as he married in Jersey in the Channel Islands 1841 before moving to Tintinhull and Yeovil before settling in Radipole near Weymouth, Dorset for a short while between 1844 and 1847.  He then moved to Hilfield in Dorset where he farmed before moving on to Frome St Quinton, Dorset.  By 1861 he was living off his income in Dorchester, but in 1871 was a retired general practitioner in London, where he died in 1884

William moved to Westminster in London initially, before returning to Dorset, this time to Beaminster in the 1840s.  By the late 1880s/early 1890s he was living in Dorchester and died in Herrison Hospital outside Dorchester in 1893 having lived all his life on his inheritance and annuities

Henry and Charity had two sons who survived infancy, Thomas Arundell Hanne who became a solicitor and practiced in Weymouth, Dorset - where he died in 1882 and John Henry Arundell Hanne who seems to have inherited the wealth from Benville as he lived here and in Corscombe all his live 'on his own means'

The wandering James Arundell Hanne had five sons, Richard who was last heard of as a 19 year old butcher's boy on the Isle of Portland, Dorset in 1861, John James Arundell Hanne, who became a surgeon in Brighton, Sussex before moving up to Chelsea in London, marrying twice and having children in Lambeth, London before moving up to Bedfordshire where he died in Luton in 1918.  The less affluent sons, Edward Arundell Hanne, James Arundell Hanne and Francis Arundell Hanne lived in Dorchester and Chelsea before Edward married in 1886 and moved to Brighton, where he settled as a railway messenger. James was initially a bath-chair man in Eastbourne, Sussex then spending some years in Herrison Hospital before joining his daughters in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire where he died in 1940.  Francis had joined the Royal Marines at Chatham, Kent in 1874 but died two years later.

With the death of James Arundell Hanne in 1940, the surname of Arundell Hanne was consigned to history

Links between the Hanne and Arundell families of Cornwall, Devon and Dorset

John ARUNDELL of Lanherne







Thomas ARUNDELL of Corfe Mullen

George ARUNDELL of Spreycombe


and Netherbury





Mary ARUNDELL of Corfe Mullen

Charles ARUNDELL of Netherbury



m. John HANNE of Cardinham








John ARUNDELL of Benville

George ARUNDELL of Netherbury

John HANNE of Cardinham


(died without issue - estate to John)





John HANNE of Cardinham and Chideock, Dorset       m.

Frances ARUNDELL of Benville





HANNEs of Benville

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