Hanns in the 1911 Census

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Below you will find extra information on the Hann family from the free search on the 1911 census sorted by individual Registration District. These I have tried to analyse and provide some background.

As with all transcriptions due to the quality of the original and sometimes the knowledge of the transcriber there are errors, as any transcription is only as good as what the transcriber believes they are seeing.  I have now resolved those few mis-transcriptions I have found by deleting Ham, Hain, Hanna, Wann, Slann etc records from the list and adding those that I have found elsewhere, like Haun (a name I have only ever seen in transcriptions), Harn, Harm and most have now been amended in the indexes.  I haven't dared though to try those under Ham.  By the law of averages there are bound to be others that ought to be included, if you come across any, do let me know

I have not analysed Northumbrian Hanns as I don't have sufficient knowledge yet of these families and am also limited by the amount of time I can devote to the task.

If I have whetted your appetite you can log into findmypast or Ancestry and purchase a copy of the actual census page. From here you can go back through other on-line censuses and find your ancestors


ALNWICK - Northumbria, not analysed

ALVERSTOKE - Representatives of Montacute and Stourton branches an unlinked branches are found in this district, which covers the Gosport area of Portsmouth naval base. The Montacute family are those of Hugh Everett Hann, whilst the Stourton ones are the family of John Samuel from Folke - both had joined the Royal Marine Light Infantry. Descendants of the unlinked Thomas Hann, who married in Bridport in 1772, are represented by the family of the illegitimate Albert, his name having become Hance when his mother married. His uncle Robert, born in Weymouth around 1845 (in all probably. the 1835 one) and his cousin are also present

AMESBURY - The Stourton family of John from Holnest who had moved there from Glanville Wootton and a solitary member of the Dalwood branch who was in barracks, serving with the Royal Engineers

ANDOVER - A solitary member of the Montacute branch in barracks at Tadworth serving as a drummer with the Loyal North Lancashire Regiment

ASTON - Representatives of both Dalwood and its Wootton Fitzpaine sub-branch

AUCKLAND - Northumbria, not analysed

AXBRIDGE - Representatives from Bath, Bristol and the Comptons

AXMINSTER - The Dalwood family of John George Hann who had left Stoke Abbott and moved to Colyton via Plymouth and a single member of the Wootton Fitzpaine branch in Lyme Regis

BARNET - The Dalwood family of James Shimmell Hann, a widow from Suffolk whose husband isn't known and another widow, this time of somebody who originated from a so far unlinked branch who first appear in Weymouth

BARNSLEY - Northumbrian branch

BARNSTAPLE - A sole representative of the Montacute branch

BARROW-IN-FURNESS - Northumbrian branch

BARTON-UPON-IRWELL - The family of an overseas Hann whose ancestors originated in Bohemian

BASFORD - The Compton family of Frederick Hann who settled in Ilkeston

BASINGSTOKE - A sole representative of the Compton branch in Upton Grey, together with an adoptee (possibly his son) in Basingstoke

BATH - The majority, not surprisingly are of the Bath branch, though there is a widow born in Milborne Port (so possibly of the Montacute branch) with her unlinked grandchildren and Bridport-born Daniel of the Dalwood branch

BATTLE - The Compton branch of Percy James in Bexhill-on-Sea

BEAMINSTER - As expected in the main base of the Dalwood branch in Beaminster and Stoke Abbott, many still remained, but there were also those of the Thorncombe sub-branch, some of whom had moved to Broadwindsor, as well as some 'incomers' in the east of the district at Halstock (from the Stourtons) and one who was working in Cheddington (from Compton). And, of course, the (Arundell) Hannes in Corscombe

BEDFORD - A sole representative of the Hardy Hann/Hand branch working in Bedford

BELPER - The family of William Thomas who had moved here from the Mendips

BERWICK - Northumbria, not analysed

BIRKENHEAD - The family of another unlinked Weymouth branch whose ancestor, Samuel, had moved there in the 1850s, together with Alexander - a sole representative of the Northumbrians

BIRMINGHAM - The family of George of the Thorncombe sub-branch and two unlinked Birmingham-borns

BLACKBURN - A solitary widow, born in Germany

BLANDFORD - A sole representative of the Gillingham sub-branch

BOLTON - The family of Stourton Hann, Arthur (sometimes shown as Albert), the Hawkchurch-born gardener

BRADFORD-ON-AVON - A sole representative of the Mendips branch

BRENTFORD - A veritable mixture spread throughout the Registration District of representatives of the Comptons, Dalwood, Montacute, Stourton, the Scottish Hanns (from Coldstream), and an unlinked branch originating in Newington, south London

BRIDGEND (Pen-y-bont ar Ogwr) - Montacute brothers, Paul and William John from Odcombe

BRIDGWATER - A sole representative from Bristol

BRIDPORT - Representatives from Dalwood and the Thorncombe and Wootton Fitzpaine (Hann/Hand) sub-families in Allington, Bridport, Wootton Fitzpaine, Marshalsea, Symondsbury and Charmouth

BRIGHTON - Sole representatives of the Stourton, Sherborne and Arundell Hanne families

BRISTOL - Not only the massive Bristol branch, but representatives from the Dalwood and Montacute branches

BROMLEY - Linford Hann representatives of the Northumbrian branch, from one of the descendants of the distinguished mathematics professor from Washington, Tyne and Wear, James Hann and Richard Thomas and his wife, a descendant of unlinked Richard born around 1840 in Westminster St Martin and a sole representative of the Sherborne branch

BURY ST EDMUNDS - A solitary member of the Dalwood branch

CAMBERWELL - A mixture of representatives from Dalwood, Montacute, Stourton and Northumbrian families, together with the descendants of an unlinked George who married in Westminster in 1819 before settling in Greenwich

CANTERBURY - Members of the Stourton Caundle branch and two unrelated folk from the Gillingham sub-branch and

CARDIFF (Caerdydd) - Nearly all from the Montacute branch, mainly descendants of James from Chilthone Domer and George Leonard and John Hart (of the Winsham sub-branch),. The Dalwood branch represented by Frederick and his sister Martha of the Thorncombe sub-branch

CHARD - Primarily from the Thorncombe sub-branch but also a representative from each of the Comptons, Dalwood and Stourton families

CHELSEA - A sole member of the Montacute branch

CHELTENHAM - Representatives of the Sherborne branch

CHERTSEY - The Nether Compton-born brothers Frederick John, Thomas and Samuel William and their families from the Compton branch ensconced at Weybridge and a sole representative of the Hardy Hanns in the form of Frederick George Hand, probably in Woking

CHESTER - A Newmarket-born widow

CHESTER-LE-STREET - Northumbria, not analysed

CHORLTON-ON-MEDLOCK  - Representatives of the Montacute branch

CHRISTCHURCH - Representatives of the Dalwood, Marnhull, Hinton Martell, Montacute, Stourton and Thorncombe branches

CLUTTON - Main registration district for the Mendip branch, but also some Compton representatives

COCKERMOUTH - Believed to be Northumbrians

CROYDON - Representatives of Dalwood, Sherborne, Stourton and Wootton Fitzpaine branches

DEPWADE - the Gillingham branch of Frederick the schoolmaster, whose line had initially moved to Milford near Salisbury

DEVIZES - Mark from the Compton branch and his wife

DEVONPORT - Odd members of Dalwood, Gillingham, Montacute and Stourton branches

DEWSBURY - The family of Eli from the Comptons

DONCASTER - An unknown railway labourer from Birmingham - could be a Hanns

DORCHESTER - The home of the Stourton branch of William the Cattistock farmer and, of course, the Hardy Hann/Hands of Puddletown

DOVER - The family of Albert Ernest of the Montacute branch, whose line had moved from Chilthorne Domer to Plymouth via south east London

DURHAM - Northumbria, not analysed

EASINGTON - Northumbria, not analysed

EAST ASHFORD - Descendants of John and Eliza Ann (Willis) from Holnest of the Stourton branch

EAST GRINSTEAD - More descendants of John and Eliza Ann (Willis) from Holnest of the Stourton branch

EAST PRESTON - Members of the musical Sherborne branch who had moved down from the Lambeth area of Greater London

EAST STONEHOUSE - The two families of Ernest Richard of the Montacute branch and George Parsons of the Stourton branch

EASTRY - Distant relatives of the other Hanns in Kent from the Stourton branch

ECCLESALL BIERLOW - Descendants of the Reverend Adam who was born in Jamaica

EDMONTON - Various representatives of the Bath, Montacute, Stours and Stourton branches

ELHAM - More descendants of John and Eliza Ann (Willis) from Holnest of the Stourton branch

EPSOM - The Cobham-based Dalwood family of the Weymouth-born Harry Augustus (as opposed to his Dalwood contemporary from Holborn) and Bridport-born Annie Elizabeth in Epsom itself

ETON - William the Maidenhead-born bricklayer-cum--butcher, and his wife, part of the Montacute branch

EXETER - Edward Matthew the teacher, Paignton born but part of the Montacute branch

FAREHAM - Archibald Rowland of the Stourton branch and his wife

FARNHAM - All based in Aldershot and mainly the family of butcher Edwin Henry, of the Stour branch (via Lyndhurst). Also John Harry the Isle of Wight-born Royal Engineer, a member of the Dalwood branch and Harry the Gosport-born member of the Stourton branch who was serving with the Army Service Corps. There was also a mysterious William of the Royal Fusiliers who was born in Lambeth

FORDINGBRIDGE - A sole representative of the Comptons branch

FROME - A sole representative of the Dalwood branch

FULHAM - Mainly members of the Montacute branch, also of an unlinked branch from Yeovil who are possibly also Montacute Hanns and some of an unlinked branch from Exeter

GATESHEAD - Northumbria, not analysed

GRAVESEND - A soldier from the Bristol branch

GREENWICH - A unaccompanied German-born wife

GRIMSBY - The Dalwood branch family of George, the baker turned marine engineer from Beaminster

GUILDFORD - A sole representative of Montacute

HALIFAX - Adam the Jamaican-born Wesleyan minister and part of his family

HAMPSTEAD - Members of the Dalwood branch and it's Wootton Fitzpaine sub-branch and a unlinked widow from Glastonbury

HARTLEPOOL - Although in Northumbria, all of the Hann residents were 'incomers' from either the Dalwood branch or overseas. These were the descendants of the sons of mariner William Frampton Hann (who married when visiting Hartlepool and, on re-marrying, moved back south to Bridport) and Irish-born Patrick the blast furnace man

HARTLEY WINTNEY - An unlinked Norfolk(!)-born Hann

HASTINGS - Members of the Montacute branch

HAVANT - William Henry and his family of the Montacute branch (via Kansas and Battersea), Frank, the Royal Field Artillery driver from the Comptons. and May of the Stourton branch

HEADINGTON - A family from the Compton branch

HENDON - Two members of the Montacute branch and a sole member of the Dalwood one

HEREFORD - A family from the Comptons branch

HEXHAM - Northumbria, not analysed - with the exception of lone Dalwood representative, Albert Percy, who was visiting Prudhoe

HITCHIN - My railwayman 1st cousin twice removed and his family from the Dalwood branch

HONITON - John George from Stoke Abbott and his family, the brewers from the Dalwood branch

HORSHAM - A widowed mother and her daughter from the Dalwood branch

HOUGHTON-LE-SPRING - Northumbria, not analysed

HUDDERSFIELD - A nurse from the Montacute branch

ISLE OF WIGHT - The family of Robert Hodder of the Dalwood branch

ISLINGTON - A veritable mix of families from the Bath, Dalwood, Montacute, Northumbrian and Stourton branches

KENSINGTON - A mixture of Northumbrian and Hardy branches together with some unidentified ones

KEYNSHAM - Members of the family of Joseph the Warmley coal miner from Kington Magna of the Stour branch

KINGSTON-UPON-THAMES - The Dalwood family (now spelling Hann with an e) of George Thomas William the Wimbledon fishmonger, remnants of the Stourtons' Richard Lane's family who hadn't been taken in by Dr Barnado and sent to Canada and a sole representative of the Gillingham sub-branch

LAMBETH - Another mixing pot of Hanns from Dalwood, Montacute, Sherborne, Stourton branches with the odd Northumbrian and the unlinked

LAMPETER - The family of Henry of the Montacute branch

LANCHESTER - Northumbria, not analysed

LANGPORT - A mixture of various families from the Montacute branch

LEEDS - The family of Dr Reginald George of the Dalwood branch

LEEK - Charles the railwayman of Stourton origin's family

LEIGHTON BUZZARD - Resident in Ivinghoe, The family of Arthur the school master born in Broadwindsor and part of the Dalwood branch

LEWISHAM - Montacute families and the descendants of the mystery George and Maria

LONDON CITY - A sole member of a Northumbrian branch

LONG ASHTON - The Clevedon-domiciled family of gardener Charles Henry of the Dalwood branch, via Bristol

LUTON - a sole representative of the Arundell Hannes, John James the surgeon

LYMINGTON - another sole representative, this time of the Hardy branch and a couple from Montacute

MACCLESFIELD - A couple from the Mendip branch

MAIDSTONE - James of the Stourton branch with his second wife and daughter

MANCHESTER - An unlinked Harry the railway labourer supposedly born somewhere in Kent around 1859

MERTHYR TYDFIL (Merthyr Tudful) - The coal dynasty descendants of Northumbrian Edmund Lawrence and Frederick Charles and his new wife (of the Stourton branch) during a short stay

MIDDLESBROUGH - Northumbria, not analysed

MIDHURST - A sole member of the Hardy branch

MITFORD - One from the Montacute branch and another from Belfast

MORPETH - Northumbria, not analysed

NEW FOREST - A sole represntative of the Gillingham sub-branch

NEWCASTLE-UPON-TYNE - Northumbria, not analysed

NEWTON ABBOT - A couple from the Bristol branch and a visitor probably from the Montacute branch

NORTHAMPTON - A sole member of the Dalwood branch

NOTTINGHAM - Some of the Montacute branch

ONGAR - A member of the Bath branch that moved to London

PADDINGTON - Members of the Stourton branch and Gillingham sub-branch together with numerous unlinked persons

PLYMOUTH - The widow and children of Nether Compton-born soldier, Harry and members of the recently-deceased Aubrey's family. Although having served in Plymouth as a Metropolitan Police officer, he was born in Chilthorne Domer and part of the Montacute branch

PONTYPRIDD - A mixture of families. From the Montacute branch - William James and his father, Francis (via Tasmania), John Henry (via Bruton), Thomas (via South Petherton) and brothers, Stephen Walter and Thomas Henry (from Winsham via Bristol). From the Gillingham sub-branch - William Frank. From the Dalwood branch - Daniel from Bridport and Alfred one of the sons of Samuel of Beaminster who initially went to Swansea. There are even three from Russia who are recorded as Hanns, but aren't

POOLE - The families of Charles Henry, the Charmouth-born gardener of the Wootton Fitzpaine sub-branch, Herbert John, the Holnest-born painter and decorator and Morden-born George Glass, the - both of the Stourton branch. Also Dora Bessie from Yeovil, of the Montacute branch and laundress Elizabeth Jane from Semley in Wiltshire, one of the Gillingham sub-branch

POPLAR - More of the Bath branch who originally settled in Islington

PORTSMOUTH - Another mixture of families from Dalwood, Montacute and Marnhull branches, descendants of Henry Frederick of Stoke Abbott, Arthur of Bruton and the solitary George, together with some descendants of the mysterious Cornelius Wilkie of Spettisbury

REDRUTH - Thomas, the Broadwindsor-born mechanic of the Dalwood branch

RICHMOND (Surrey) - Descendants of John of the Montacute branch and visiting Alice Lucy from the Wimbledon-based Stourton family of Herbert the builder

RICHMOND (Yorkshire) - A Guernsey-born shop assistant, possibly of the Dalwood branch

ROCHFORD - Mainly the family of Harry Augustus of the Dalwood branch

ROMFORD - Another member of the Dalwood branch

ROMSEY - Members of the Dalwood family of James Henry the chauffeur my grandfather, a member of the Hardy branch and an untraced George from Yeovil

ROTHBURY - Northumbria, not analysed

ROYSTON - A couple from the Mendip branch

SALFORD - Predominantly the family of Thomas George from Bristol but also Eli from the unlinked James born in Yeovil around 1805 and a widowed Hannah born in Cheadle

SALISBURY - Members of the Compton Branch, children of George Albert from Priddy in Stapleford, and the Gillingham sub-branch of William in Milford

SEDGEFIELD - Northumbria, not analysed

SHAFTESBURY - Home of the Gillingham and Stour sub-families, represented by the families of Bennett and Ernest Ambrose How the Stour and Gillingham butchers from Stour and Mary Ann, widow of Stephen of Sutton Waldron of the Gillingham sub-branch. Also a transitory couple from the Stourton baranch

SHEFFIELD - Mendip Hanns originating In Oakhill, the family of William Frederick from Belper

SHEPTON MALLET - One of the centres of the Mendip Hanns with families In Ashwick, Oakhill and Shepton Mallet

SHERBORNE - Home of the Comptons, many of the Stourtons and Sherborne and Trent sub-families but primarily represented by the Compton branch still living in their specific Nether and Over Compton area. They, together with Stourton Hanns, had also moved to Sherborne. Stourton Hanns had also settled in the Folke/Alweston/Longburton/Haydon (to the south east of Sherborne) and the Holnest/Leigh area (further south). Those Stourton Hanns who had chosen to move to the south west of Sherborne, living around the Yetminster/Beer Hackett/Ryme Intrinsica/Clifton Maybank/Bradford Abbas area, by illegitimate relationships, brought about the Edmunds Hanns and the Parsons Hanns. The remnants of the Montacute branch in a small enclave in Thornford, from whom many of the Hanns on South Australia are descended, by now - through a couple of illegitimate relationships with the Goulden/Goulding family - had become the Golden Hanns; the Golding Hanns having gone to south Wales

SOUTH SHIELDS - Northumbria, not analysed, but containing Thomas William the father of Ralph the Derby County footballer and trainer, grandfather of Judith Hann the scientist, author and presenter of TV's groundbreaking programme of the 1970s 'Tomorrow's World',

SOUTH STONEHAM - Near Southampton and home to William James, of the Compton branch, founder of Hann's Dairy in Eastleigh, Benny Hill the TV comedian's one-time employer and grandfather of Sir James Hann CBE, FCIM, FInstPet, CIMgt, Hon FINucE, Hon FEurNucSoc, who was greatly involved in Scotland with North Sea oil exploration and nuclear power.  Eastleigh also provided the home to George (who'd dropped the Golding from his family name) and Bursledon the home to Winifred Fanny, both of the Montacute branch. Henry James Parsons of the Stourton branch also stopped off here on his way around Hampshire and the south east of Wiltshire

SOUTHAMPTON - Home to my great grandfather's family of the Dalwood branch and that of Albert the builder of the Gillingham sub-branch and a visiting member of the Northumbrian branch

SOUTHWARK - Primarily populated by descendants of the unlinked Henry and Elizabeth from Westminster

SPILSBY - A Steeple Bumpstead-born widow

ST ALBANS - An institutionalised spinster of the Montacute branch

ST GEORGE HANOVER SQUARE (London) - mainly members of the Thorncombe sub-branch together with odd representatives of the Dalwood, Montacute and Northumbrian branches

ST GILES (London) - A cook from the Stourton Caundle branch

ST MARYLEBONE (London) - Some Montacute and Compton Hanns and an untraced one

ST OLAVE SOUTHWARK (London) - The family of the absent Charles Henry of the unlinked branch of Henry of Westminster

STAFFORD - Members of the Montacute branch

STAINES - Yet more members of the Montacute branch

STEYNING - An unaccompanied wife, born in St Giles, London

STOCKBRIDGE - The Compton family of Alfred the dairyman

STOCKPORT - Beatrice Lily of the Mendip branch and Hardy Hann/Hand Edwin James

STRAND - A policeman from the unlinked Westminster branch

STROOD - A solitary member of the Mendip branch

STURMINSTER - Home of the large Stourton branch, of which remnants (originally from Bishops Caundle) hang on in Hazelbury Bryan and The Ring in Stalbridge and also to a few members of the Marnhull branch who have also ended up at The Ring

SUNDERLAND - Northumbria, not analysed

SWANSEA (Abertawe) - The families of the four of the five Wales-bound sons (Samuel, Frederick, Daniel and Thomas) of George of Beaminster from the Dalwood branch

SWINDON - The Dalwood family of Frederick the Highworth schoolmaster and that of Thomas of the Golden Hanns from the Montacute branch

TENDRING - A schoolgirl from the Compton branch

THANET - The wife and son of an untraced George (possibly in the Marines)

TICEHURST - Members of the Wootton Fitzpaine sub-branch who settled in Wadhurst

TIVERTON - The family of Ernest John born in Stalbridge. One of the Stourton Hanns

TOTNES - The family of Charles the Yeovil-born upholsterer, who's probably still in Paignton. One of the Montacute branch

TYNEMOUTH - Northumbria, not analysed

UPTON-ON-SEVERN - Cyril Graham of the Northumbrian coal mining dynasty

UXBRIDGE - The family of Francis Richard the joiner from the well-travelled Dorset Constabulary family of the Stourton branch

WANDSWORTH - A mixture of Montacute branch and Sherborne sub-branch, together with some Dalwood Hannes with and e (headed by a solicitor, a career followed by members of the Cornish Hannes)

WANTAGE - Paul the mason and his wife from Montacute

WARE - The family of a Stourton branch gardener

WAREHAM - More members of the Stourton branch settled around Bere Regis

WARMINSTER - Herbert Vaughan was later to have a daughter (Beryl Mary Ada) who married John Ferrier Turing, elder brother of Alan Mathison Turing, the founder of computer science

WATFORD - The family Samuel born in Peckham, one of the Montacute branch

WEARDALE - Northumbria, not analysed

WELLS - A mixture of rural Compton Hanns on the Mendips and urban Montacute Hanns in Glastonbury

WEST ASHFORD - An odd member of the Stourton branch families originally descended from John and Ann Eliza (Willis) who worked for the Draxes

WEST BROMWICH - Albert Edward and his wife from the Dalwood branch

WEST DERBY - Another part of the unlinked Weymouth family from Birkenhead

WEST HAM - A Compton family via Bermondsey and a newly arrived Montacute family from Milborne Port

WESTHAMPNETT - Gillingham Hanns lately from Milford near Salisbury

WETHERBY - untraced

WEYMOUTH - A mixture of Dalwood and Montacute branches with sole representatives from Compton and Stourton

WILLITON - More from the Montacute branch

WILTON - Beatrice of the Stours branch

WIMBORNE - Home of the Hinton Martell sub-branch, but now the residence of Charles of the Stours branch and his family and some of the Hardy Hanns

WINCANTON - Home of the Marnhull branch, most of whom had moved away to be replaced by the Montacute branch of glovers who moved into Milborne Port together with a few of the Stourton branch who had crossed the border

WINDSOR - George and his sister from the Montacute branch and William Sinclair and his wife from the Gillingham sub-branch

WIRRAL - Albert Frank born in Tranmere, one of Samuel of Weymouth's unlinked descendants

WOKINGHAM - Reginald Nye the Swindon-born Registrar of Birth Marriages and Deaths for Wokingham and his wife, whose family originate in Northumbria

WOOLWICH - Mainly Montacute, descendants of George Down the cabinet maker and the Northumbrian descendants of Professor James, the renowned engineer, mathematician and King's College schoolmaster. Also a lone Compton soldier

WORCESTER - the Montacute families of brothers Charles Henry and Alfred George, sons of Henry from Milborne Port

WORTLEY - Northumbrian Hanns

WYCOMBE - Woodcarving brothers Albert Ernest and Charles James and their families, both born in Marylebone, but whose family originates in Bath

(Great) YARMOUTH - ?

YEOVIL - Home of the Montacute Hanns, but with Yeovil being the regional centre attracting representatives of nearby families from the nearby Compton, Dalwood and Stourton branches




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