Stoke Abbott - 1841 Tithe Apportionment

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Four members of the Hann family were recorded as owners or liable for the following properties

Owner Occupier Plot No Type (current name) Cultivation Size


William Hann Himself 542 House, garden & orchard (Mins Cottage & Gales Cottage) - 0a 1r 23p  


James Norris & John Cornick 556 House & garden (Brooklyn Cottages?) - 0a 0r 8p  2s 0d
Arthur Hann Himself 538 House, garden & orchard (The Old Bakery, Church House, Church House Cottage and Orchard Cottage) - 0a 2r 8p 3s 0d
George Hann snr Himself 530 House, garden & orchard (Linden Lea and Post Office Cottage/Holly House) - 0a 1r 34p  

Not stated

529 Orchard (to the rear of Woodlands and Chartknolle Cottages) Orchard 0a 1r 33p  
" " 528 House & garden (Woodlands Cottage) - 0a 0r 18p  
" " 527 House & garden (Chartknolle Cottages) - 0a 0r 22p  
" " 525 Croft (a narrow NW-SE field north of Brimley Mill) Arable 2a 0r 20p  
" " 532 House & garden (Chapelhayes) - 0a 0r 14p  
" " 540 House & garden (Wayside Cottages) - 0a 0r 35p 1 2s 0d
Henry Wheadon George Hann jnr 559 House, garden & orchard (Anchor House) - 0a 0r 32p 4s 6d
Stoke Abbott George Hann snr 554 House & garden (Curfew Plot) -- 0a 2r 17p  
Parish (as Parish Clerk) 552 Independent Chapel - 0a 0r 6p  
      Roads etc. - 55a 1r 26p NIL

On the census for the same year, William was a carpenter living with his wife, three children and a grandchild who was later to marry a Charles Hann from the Montacute branch,  George senior (his young brother) was also a carpenter living with his wife, George junior (his nephew), was innkeeper at the Anchor Inn with his wife, son and a female servant and Arthur was a flax yarn bleacher living with his wife, four children and two lodgers.  None of the many other Hanns in the village at the time appear to have been liable for the tithe

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